I'm currently working through the website to correct for developments having occured since February. It might take a while to present and produce graphical design for the projects and data files I have worked with. The About Me section and Resume section should be finished by wednesday the 26 of May

About me

Hi. I'm Mark Brezina.
A young man, of Czech-Danish Decent living in the suburb of Hvidovre, close to Copenhagen Denmark. I study mathematics and statistics at UCPH, doing my best to advance to the Candidate degree in Insurance mathematics. 

My dream is to work my way towards a career in quantitative finance, quantitative risk management and Actuarial science. I dream of working in mathematical risk modelling at a large financial institution or financial service consultancy.

I have many good qualities, I'm  smart, a member of mensa with an estimated 160 IQ. I've done a large variety of interesting things; won a design award, travelled the world, lived in Singapore, London and Copenhagen, travelled in America, Europe and Asia. I'm both Creative and logical and use both as great tools for understanding and problemsolving.

I'm calm, resilient and humorous. Tight deadlines and tough situations don't bring me down, I keep seeing the good in progressing.

High school diploma

English & Math & Physics

Ba. Scient

Cand. Scient
Insurance math

Continuous career development


CQF etc.

Ba. Scient

Entry-level Actuary

Senior-level staff
Quantitative Risk


Quantitative Risk





2022 expected

2022 onwards

2024 expected

2025 expected






A variety of projects done to help myself understand the tasks and assignments performed on the career path I have chosen to pursue.

I've chosen to pursue Actuarial science, risk management and quantitative finance, and as such I am spending my spare time working through projects in Risk management, claim-reserving, IT and Investment management. 

At the current point in time none of these are finished, but I will be spending the summer covering the first two projects in Risk management and Claims-reserving. 

First I will be finding the necessary data, than working my way through the process of analysing the data and performing the necessary operations to produce results. At the end I will be shaping the data and the results into a report and a webpage for explaining what I have done with the project. Along with that I will be making illustrations in photoshop and a powerpoint for easy access.

The projects in order will be,

  1. Risk management,
  2. Claims-reserving,
  3. AI and Machine learning
  4. Investment management.

Risk Management

Work in progress

AI and machine learning Project

Work in progress


Work in progress

Investment Management Project

Work in progress


Work Experience

  • Tutor in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry at the company MentorDenmark. From 2017 to the present. I've reached their top 10 position.

  • Student intern working on a single project with Thomas Lystlund studio, in investment opportunities. Thomas wanted me to research Fintech Robots, for which he could invest in.

  • Work as night shift manager in various convinence stores in the Copenhagen area. Most of my time was spent working at the convinence store across the street from my childhood home.


My goal is to study insurance mathematics at UCPH, for a  career as an Actuary.

Mathematics and statistics Ba.Scient. at UCPH
started in 2019, expected finish in 2021.
I'm currently taking courses in advanced statistics, stochastics processes and basic insurance mathematics

Mathematical Physics Ba.Scient. UCPH
started in 2017, dropped out in 2019 and switched to Mathematics.

High School degree with focus on Math, Physics and English. Finished in 2017. Average score of 8 out of 12.

Other important mentions

Mensa membership, estimated IQ of 160 or above.
Winner of Deisgn for Change Denmark



Previous member of ATU
Previous member of UNF

Extracurricular courses

Professional certificate in Corporate finance

Professional certificate in Data science with Excel
Various certificates in Macroeconomics with IMF

Various certificates in Risk management

Progress towards certificates in Commercial Banking and Credit risk, Capital markets and securities and R-programming